Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The bar

I can sit here all night
talking about the virtues
of rum
with my friend
or his friend.

But, this woman
swimming and dancing in my glass
is bothering me.

It is not because
she is a woman
Or because it is my glass
she is dancing in.

You can go for a swim alone
and you can dance alone
but she is dancing with herself.

Look, she can’t even dance!

But, she seems to enjoy
this celebration
of being alone.

I can’t swim
and I can’t dance
I can celebrate being alone.
But, not like her somehow.

We are all different, I know.
and a woman dancing
or swimming
or singing
can attract or distract.

But, this is different.

I will leave the glass here
with my drink unfinished
so she can enjoy her dance.

on the bus back home,
I will think about how
she got into my glass.

July 9, 2008


shobita said...

Quite nice. I like the idea of a girl dancing in the glass. At some level, I feel, that girl is the poet. He is seeing his reflection in the glass. And he is imagining it the way he wants. I assume he wants to be alone and dance. And so the girl does.

DO you agree, Mr Poet?

my poetry journal said...

I don't disagree with your interpretation being a part of what the fellow is saying here. He wants to do what the girl is doing but doesn't want her to enjoy it. but, that again is just one more part of the whole.

meenakshi said...

girl gets into the glass... u feel drunk wid the feel of the poem :)