Friday, December 08, 2006


Like betrayal
kept a promise.
Death and betrayal,
bound by tasks assigned,
kept promises
and worlds
fell apart.

Lest, the world
falls apart.

(C) Jatin Gandhi, April 18, 2005.


Dan Husain said... the love affair between death and betrayal continues. :-)

Thanks for commenting on my blog. :-)

my poetry journal said...

i saw you on tv, trying to push your luck and luggage in some game show.

InExile said...

i really like the idea of death keeping its promise !!

got a start to a new idea...

my poetry journal said...

:) thanks inexile. we do paint death with a black brush, rarely looking at its other side -- that of a dutiful cleanser.

Anonymous said...

where are the others, Office Poet!

my poetry journal said...

who are the others? anon?

Anonymous said...

i meant the other poems?

my poetry journal said...

on their way anon. posting at least one today. meanwhile, you can check the archives.

Anonymous said...

cool, i have read all the others!

my poetry journal said...

if you are ever still there anon, i have posted another.