Thursday, November 16, 2006


When I said
I need ice,
Was I lying?
I have been
Coughing these
Last few days,
Having rum
With warm water
And certainly no ice.
It is winter now.
But I say it as a habit,
Each time,
I fix myself another
I say I’m getting ice
Have I been lying?
To everyone
Including myself
Or is just a habit
To call rum, ice
Or is it because
The damned thing is
Just so cool
It does to your brain
What ice
Does to your tongue
In winter?

© Jatin Gandhi, November 16, 2006


jerry said...

No-no, I think its just the rum, and solely the rum and how it plays on the mind.

ramya said...

i like...


my poetry journal said...

ice or rum, rumms?